MedMetrics Pharmacy

MedMetrics Pharmacy


Among MedMetrics Pharmacy’s specialties are normal prescription services, veterinary medications, dermatology supplies, and compounding bioidentical hormones (BHRT). Despite their experience, they maintained an outdated online presence that made it difficult to interact with and support customers.


The goal was to create a cutting-edge, intuitive website in order to improve MedMetrics Pharmacy’s internet visibility. Improved customer involvement, prescription management efficiency, and communication of their specialist services were all priorities for the new website.

Tools & Technology

Utilized instruments and technologies:

WordPress: For a content management system that you can customize.

WooCommerce: For flawless online store operations.

JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3: For an interactive and responsive design.

Google Analytics: To monitor engagement and performance.

To guarantee safe transactions, use SSL encryption.


Digicorders created a complete solution:

Website redesign: To enhance user experience, a visually appealing and responsive website was created.

Service Highlighting: Compounding BHRT, dermatology goods, and veterinary pharmaceuticals are presented in areas that are clearly designed.

Online Prescription Management: A safe and easy-to-use system was put in place for online prescription management and refilling.

information optimization: Made good use of high-quality photos and educational information to highlight services.


Digicorders created a complete solution:

There were notable advancements as a result of the new website:

Increased Traffic: In just three months, there was a 50% increase in traffic.

Increased Engagement: A 40% rise in time dedicated to the website.

Enhanced Effectiveness: Online prescription administration decreased staff workload and enhanced client contentment.

Positive Comments: Users expressed gratitude for the website’s comfort and ease of use, which increased customer satisfaction and encouraged return visits.

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