Interpid Bioscince

Intrepid Biosciences


As a top supplier of autoimmune disease treatments, Interpid Bioscience is dedicated to developing new medical techniques that will enhance patient outcomes. Their low web presence prevented them from reaching and educating potential patients and healthcare professionals, even in spite of their innovative treatments.


The aim of the project was to create a contemporary and intuitive website in order to improve Interpid Bioscience’s online visibility. The new website had to communicate with patients and medical professionals more easily, properly present their medicines, and offer helpful educational tools.


Digicorders offered a complete solution:

Website Development: In keeping with Interpid Bioscience’s brand concept, a visually appealing and responsive website was designed and constructed.

Therapy Highlighting: Developed comprehensive pages emphasizing their array of therapies, their modes of operation, and patient endorsements.

Resources for Education: created educational materials, such as FAQs, films, and articles, to inform visitors about autoimmune disorders and their therapies.

Patient support:  Tools have been implemented, including contact forms, patient portals, and appointment booking, to help with communication and patient support.

Tools & Technology

Tools and technologies used:

WordPress: For a content management system that you can customize.

HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript: For responsive and interactive design elements.

HIPAA Compliance: Made sure patient data was secure and private in line with healthcare laws.

SEO Optimization: To increase exposure and draw in pertinent search engine traffic.


Interpid Bioscience saw notable enhancements from the new website:

Enhanced Awareness: A 50% increase in website traffic indicates that more patients and healthcare professionals are finding out about available therapies.

Enhanced Engagement: A 40% rise in the amount of time users spend studying the website’s instructional materials and therapy specifics.

Better Patient Communication: The website has seen a 30% rise in patient queries and appointment requests.

Positive Comments: The website’s user-friendly layout, wealth of materials, and ease of use were well regarded by patients and medical professionals. As a result, patient trust and brand perception increased.

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