Freaker USA

Freaker USA


Water bottles from the seashore are collected and recycled by Freaker USA into a distinctive line of reusable, eco-friendly items called SLIPPYS. Their market reach and sales were restricted by their poor web presence, which was in contrast to their inventive approach and dedication to sustainability.


The goal was to create a cutting-edge, intuitive e-commerce website in order to improve Freaker USA’s internet visibility. The objective of the new website was to better promote SLIPPYS products, increase consumer engagement, and boost sales.


Digicorders offered a complete answer:

E-Commerce Website Development: Created and constructed a responsive, aesthetically pleasing website that was customized to fit the brand of Freaker USA.

Product Highlighting: To properly present SLIPPYS, comprehensive product pages with excellent photos and descriptions were created.

Improved User Experience: To enhance the shopping experience and lower cart abandonment, a simplified checkout procedure and straightforward navigation were implemented.

Content optimization: Made use of interesting content to clearly explain the goals of Freaker USA and the advantages of their environmentally friendly products.

Tools & Technology

Utilized tools and technologies:

Shopify: For a stable and adaptable online storefront.

To create responsive and interactive designs, use HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript.

Google Analytics: To monitor user interaction and website performance.

To guarantee safe transactions and safeguard client information, use SSL encryption


For Freaker USA, the redesigned website resulted in notable improvements:

Sales Growth: Within the first three months of debut, there was a 50% rise in sales.

Improved Interaction: A 40% rise in the amount of time spent on the website, with more users perusing the SLIPPYS product pages.

Enhanced User Experience: A 30% decrease in cart abandonment rates as a result of the optimized checkout and navigation processes.

Positive Customer Feedback: Customers complimented the company on its dedication to sustainability, convenience of use, and clarity of product information on the new website.

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