Financial services provider Forward360 is committed to assisting people with safeguarding, accumulating, and expanding their assets. Their inadequate web presence hindered their capacity to successfully approach and engage potential clients, despite providing good services.


The aim was to improve Forward360’s online visibility by creating a contemporary, easily navigable website. The new website needed to persuade users to take action, build trust in their services, and clearly explain their financial solutions.


Digicorders offered a complete response:

Website Development: In keeping with Forward360’s corporate concept, a visually appealing and responsive website was designed and constructed.

Service Highlighting: Developed comprehensive pages that showcased their array of financial services, encompassing investing, savings, and protection options.

User-Friendly Interface: To direct visitors through the website and promote interaction, clear calls to action and intuitive navigation were implemented.

Content Optimization: Employed persuasive material to build credibility and communicate the advantages of Forward360’s services.

Tools & Technology

Tools and technologies used:

WordPress: For a system of content management that is adaptable.

HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript:For interactive and responsive design elements.

Secure Payment Integration:To make transactions safe and secure.

SEO Optimization: Increased exposure and organic traffic are the goals of SEO optimization.


Forward360 saw major benefits from the redesigned website:

Enhanced Interaction: During the first three months following debut, there was a 40% surge in website traffic.

Better Conversions: A 30% increase in the quantity of questions and requests for consultations.

Enhanced Credibility: Positive comments from users on the professionalism and informational clarity of the website.

Greater brand credibility and trust translate into a higher trust factor, which boosts customer acquisition and retention.

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