Crypto Mining

Crypto Mining


In the cryptocurrency space, Crypto Mining Solutions is a cutting-edge business that offers hardware and software solutions for effective and lucrative mining operations. They battled with an antiquated website that failed to effectively express their offerings and draw in potential clients despite their cutting-edge goods and services.


The aim of the project was to create a new and user-friendly website for Crypto Mining Solutions in order to successfully promote their mining solutions, inform visitors about cryptocurrency mining, and attract potential customers. 


Digicorders provided a complete solution for web development:

  1. Website Redesign:  Designed a visually appealing, responsive website that complements the brand identity of Crypto Mining Solutions and the newest web design trends.
  2. Product Showcasing: Detailed product pages with technical specs and user testimonials were created to emphasize the strengths and advantages of their mining software and hardware.
  3. Educational Content: A variety of instructional resources were created, including articles, infographics, and videos, to help users understand cryptocurrency mining and provide advice on how to run their businesses more efficiently.

Lead Generation: To collect leads and streamline connection with prospective clients, tools including contact forms, live chat assistance, and downloadable whitepapers were implemented

Tools & Technology

Tools and technologies used:

  1. WordPress: For a scalable and adaptable content management system.
  2. HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript: For interactive elements and responsive design.
  3. WooCommerce:To sell mining hardware straight from the website, this integrated e-commerce solution is recommended.
  4. SEO and SEM: To increase search engine exposure and send relevant traffic to the website.


Crypto Mining Solutions saw major benefits from the redesigned website:

  1. Increased Traffic: A 60% increase in website traffic indicates that more people are looking into their mining solutions.
  2. Higher Engagement: A 50% rise in the average amount of time spent on the website indicates a higher level of engagement, with users actively interacting with product details and instructional content.
  3. Lead Generation:  A 35% rise in lead enquiries via live chat and contact forms suggests greater prospects for sales.
  4. Customer Satisfaction: Positive comments from users complimenting the website’s contemporary layout, user-friendly features, and educational materials, which improve the general customer experience and boost confidence in the company.
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