Bottle Clients is a top service provider that offers the greatest bottle service encounters in upscale NYC pubs and nightclubs. They provided exclusive products and excellent services, but they had a little internet presence, which made it difficult for them to draw in and interact with potential customers.


The goal was to create a cutting-edge, user-friendly website that would improve Bottle Clients’ internet visibility. The new website had to increase customer engagement and bookings while also showcasing their services and emphasizing how unique they were.


Digicorders offered a complete reply:


Website Development: Created a visually beautiful, responsive website that complemented the brand of Bottle Clients.

Service Highlighting: Detailed pages were made to highlight their VIP experiences, prestigious locations, and bottle service packages.

Improved User Experience: To increase user engagement and service reservations, a simplified booking procedure and straightforward navigation were implemented.

Content Optimization: Made use of captivating content to clearly convey the unique and superior quality of Bottle Clients’ offerings.

Tools & Technology

Tools and technologies used:

WordPress: For a content management system that you can customize.

JavaScript, CSS3, and HTML5: For interactive and responsive design.

Google Analytics: To monitor user interaction and website performance.

SSL Encryption: To guarantee safe transactions and safeguard client information.


Bottle Clients saw notable enhancements from the new website:

Increased Bookings: During the first three months of the introduction, there was a 55% increase in service bookings.

Improved Engagement: A 40% rise in the amount of time spent on the website, with more users looking through the sites for the venue and services.

Better User Experience: Simplified booking and navigation result in a 30% lower bounce rate.

Positive Customer Feedback: Customers expressed more pleasure and continued business as a result of the new website’s premium feel, comprehensive service information, and ease of use.

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