Auksjonen, the biggest online auction site in Norway, provides a venue for individuals to buy and sell a range of products through auctions. Despite being the industry leaders, they still needed to grow their online presence to increase user experience and engagement.


The goal was to create a cutting-edge, intuitive website in order to improve Auksjonen’s internet visibility. In addition to increasing user interaction and streamlining the auction process for both buyers and sellers, the new website needed to effectively demonstrate their auction system.


Digicorders offered a thorough remedy:

Website Development: Created a responsive, aesthetically pleasing website that was customized to fit Auksjonen’s brand.

Auction System Optimization: To improve user experience and streamline the auction process, an intuitive interface with simple navigation was developed.

Improved User Experience: In order to raise engagement and satisfaction, features like real-time bidding, thorough item listings, and safe payment methods were included.

Content Optimization: Highlighted the advantages of using Auksjonen’s platform for buying and selling through the use of interesting material.

Tools & Technology

Utilized tools and technologies:

WordPress: For a content management system that you can customize.

JavaScript, CSS3, and HTML5: For interactive and responsive design.

Real-time Bidding System: To improve user involvement and allow live auctions.

SSL Encryption: To guarantee safe transactions and safeguard user information.


The updated website significantly enhanced Auksjonen’s experience:

Increased Participation: During the first three months of the debut, there was a 60% rise in user registrations and auction participation.

Improved Engagement: A 50% rise in the amount of time spent on the website, with more users looking through auction listings and placing bids.

Better User Experience: Simplified navigation and improved auction features result in a 35% decrease in bounce rate.

Positive User Feedback: Due to the new website’s better overall auction experience, real-time bidding feature, and convenience of use, users have been more satisfied and likely to use it again.

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